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Snack Champion

the unreleased album
comprised of the leftovers from three unfinished projects:
The second album from the original Rock Slopera,
an album called Seditious Axe,
and an album called Nagasaki

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for view:

Here's what's on the SlapHog: a rock slopera v1.0 CD:

  1. Snack Champion
  2. Clone Fast
  3. Smoky Dream
  4. Tongue in Groove
  5. Aunt Bee
  6. Nagasaki
  7. Hollow Earth
  8. Original Sin
  9. Seditious Axe
  10. Pump Action
  11. I Left Me
  12. No God But God
  13. Wolloh
  14. Kuru Cafe
  15. Visceral Thang
  16. Ajam

There's Also a GALAXY PATROL CD, a SATANBURGER CD, an Ice Rock CD, a Rock Slopera CD, and a Other Side CD.

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