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Page Three had more about the mission and porpoise of Groink! and Vartuk and the NO-THOUGHT MATRIX that Groink! was intended to fight and about how you the reader really really needed to fill the dogslot.

Also a clarification of Dr.Zen's position vis-a-vis the Church of the SubGenius.

and a strange cartoon intended to be a come-on to the editor: "wanna groink?".

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Hi Hi Hi, Aloha the pineal poodle, it is here!

The other way to get a GROINK! is to do it the orificial 'zine way,
CONTRIBUTE something to be included in the next fishue.
This will make you a real human being, and a healthy Slurp besides
(that's a member of the church of pandementional slurpintudinalism, in good standing)

Just mail collages or collage ingredients, artwork, cartoons, comic strips or your own 'zine in trade, to the secret Dogslot address. If you have a text contribution send it in an email so we can print it out to fit and be legible.

email: blake-at-slaphog-dot-com

Stay tuned for more GROINK! related information!

Currently this site is merely an appendage of the print edition, otherwise what's the point of a hard copy? GROINK! is a tactile experience not suited to the web, not to mention the technical joy of using the postal system to exchange physical objects.

But in the future this page will contain extra links, reference materials, and followup articles to the print version of the zagamine.

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