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Slaphog Rising

200 years since a vat put in my brain submerged in liquid sin all brain no body and total power to live forever and life force to devour no eyes no ears just my burning will to feed on darkness and eat my fill Slaphog Rising Back in days gone by my body soon to die with science as my slave I cheated the grave No I don't got no body no body, just a brain no body, to love no body, to love

The full list of songs on the SlapHog: a rock slopera v1.0 CD:

1.Slanted Up1:21
2.Geezer Greaser3:46
3.Slaphog Rising2:11
4.Bacon on a Budget1:53
5.Smoky Dream2:05
6.Head Through2:21
7.Send in the Clones3:41
8.Porkloin Prime1:31
9.Juicy Mama4:20
10.Still Rising3:10
11.Noseless Harbinger2:53
12.Reflections in a Well3:25
13.The Minister of Defence3:52
14.Rockgod Superstar6:40
15.Slaphog Arisen2:28
16.Automatic Insertion4:06
lyrics home story stars buy CD