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Still Rising

Trapped alone in darkness in a vat of hatred stewed I've ruled the world in secrecy with vengeance as my food I've dreamed the day would come, this day which now arrives a Cybernetic Body With which to crush your lives Slaphog won't you love me fulfill my need overpopulation time to feed Slaphog Rising to be my steed And I've waited long and hard, and I've waited without end for Science to give me a body so I can rip and kill and rend a dinner invitation I humbly wish to send so I can visit you in person and wish you well my friend haha ha haaha ha ha haah ha

The full list of songs on the SlapHog: a rock slopera v1.0 CD:

1.Slanted Up1:21
2.Geezer Greaser3:46
3.Slaphog Rising2:11
4.Bacon on a Budget1:53
5.Smoky Dream2:05
6.Head Through2:21
7.Send in the Clones3:41
8.Porkloin Prime1:31
9.Juicy Mama4:20
10.Still Rising3:10
11.Noseless Harbinger2:53
12.Reflections in a Well3:25
13.The Minister of Defence3:52
14.Rockgod Superstar6:40
15.Slaphog Arisen2:28
16.Automatic Insertion4:06
lyrics home story stars buy CD