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SlapHog v.1.0 is ready, with little porkloin primmer and everything!

artwork from the hogv1 cd

for view:

Here's what's on the SlapHog: a rock slopera v1.0 CD:

1.Slanted Up1:21
2.Geezer Greaser3:46
3.Slaphog Rising2:11
4.Bacon on a Budget1:53
5.Smoky Dream2:05
6.Head Through2:21
7.Send in the Clones3:41
8.Porkloin Prime1:31
9.Juicy Mama4:20
10.Still Rising3:10
11.Noseless Harbinger2:53
12.Reflections in a Well3:25
13.The Minister of Defence3:52
14.Rockgod Superstar6:40
15.Slaphog Arisen2:28
16.Automatic Insertion4:06

All the above songs are available for listening and download at

There's Also an Ice Rock CD, a SATANBURGER CD and a Galaxy Patrol CD.

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lyrics centre story stars