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Blake's Career at KBOO

Well it was several years ago that I went down to KBOO to go to the volunteer orientation. Soon after I was signed up to be the receptionist. Then I trained to be a reporter for the evening news. Then, around two years ago, I got my lucky break, of sorts, and became an evening news editor. Not long after I also started to read the news. Believe it or not, I didn't want to anchor the news, I wanted to stay behind the scenes, but somebody didn't show up, and I had to do what I had to do . . .

So, for a couple of years I reported, anchored and edited the news at KBOO. The days I did these things changed quite a bit, some weeks I might be involved in the evening news up to four out of five broadcasts. But as of the beginning of April 99 I retired from my news duties at KBOO in order to work on a big home remodeling project that is already giving me big headaches. I will return to the news, however, hopefully as a reporter. If I can get my phone line hooked up properly I'm hoping to do interviews at home, edit them, and then take them to KBOO in finished form.

Somehow in all the frenzy down at the station, I ended up being in charge of their website: I'm still doing that, but man, is it ever a lot of work! The sad thing is that I'm afraid to just abandon it to whoever volunteers given what I've seen at the various volunteer run organizations I've been at: most volunteers fade away within 6 months. And with the kboo website that means 6 months to redo everything in some proprietary dumbass webpage program, and then leave it to you know who to dig through the mess and try to figure it out without buying some piece-of-crap editor software. Plain text, that's my method. Hand code the HTML, and it'll say just what you want it to. I've tried all the editor programs and I hate them all. OK, that's my rant for now,

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cast lyrics centre story CD