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Ahmad Geddin

Ahmad is a mysterious creature, a cyborg who rarely speaks.
He was introduced to Snard by Lickety, who was only following his dark orders.
Ahmad's simple task was to seduce Snard into augmenting himself
with all the modern conveniences of cybernetic implantation.
Of course the Geezer's hope was that he could then control the wayward Snard
through these implants, but Ahmad turned out to be an exceptional hacker
and was not only able to deactivate all the control mechanisms in Snard's hardware

but also his own. And it is Ahmad who provides Juicy Mama with the access codes for the main world media trunk line
that they crack into for the worldwide concert at the climax of the slopera.

On stage Ahmad is played by Dick
who plays the drums.

what is a slaphog anyways?
in the beginning . . the evil geezer
science as the slave
a snard is born
automatic insertion into life
the juiciest of mamas
satanburger 50cc
a slight change of plans
send in the clones
juicy mama to the rescue
lyrics music story stars