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The Evil Geezer

The Evil Geezer is the secret ruler of the world.
During his normal, mortal life he gained power the old fashioned way:
connivance, backstabbing and betrayal.
But just as he had gained the highest throne
death was threatening to take it away from him.
In defiance of death the Evil Geezer had his brain preserved in a vat
from where he has been pulling the strings of human destiny ever since.

On stage he can be played by anyone,
using remote mind control chips,
replacing the person with a robot doppelganger directly controlled by his brain,
or simply using one of his thousands of brainwashed clones.

what is a slaphog anyways?
in the beginning . . the evil geezer
science as the slave
a snard is born
automatic insertion into life
the juiciest of mamas
satanburger 50cc
a slight change of plans
send in the clones
juicy mama to the rescue
lyrics music story stars