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Juicy Mama

Juicy Mama is the leader of the revolution.
She has organized a resistance in the hills
that nobody in the city ever hears about.
Journalism being controlled by the Evil Geezer
all activities of the revolutionaries are portrayed as terrorism
and used to justify the fascistic actions of the police state.
In reality the revolution is entirely peaceful, only using violence in self defense.
The main aim of the revolutionaries is to break the mind control apparatus
of the Geezer's regime, where the people keep themselves in a state of bondage
through their willful ignorance of the true nature of the world around them.
Having discovered that Snard is the 'chosen one', or at least that the Evil Geezer
believes that he is, Juicy Mama focuses her energies on waking up his mind.
The hope is that either because of his supernatural destiny,
or more realistically, simply because the Geezer has put him in such an influential
position as the universal icon, he will then cause the planet to rise up
in revolt against the Evil Geezer and his mythical controlling force he calls
the SlapHog.

Juicy Mama is a mistress of disguise
hence she can be anyone on stage.
Since the Evil Geezer can also be anyone on stage
it is possible for both of them to be onstage at the same time
and not know it.

what is a slaphog anyways?
in the beginning . . the evil geezer
science as the slave
a snard is born
automatic insertion into life
the juiciest of mamas
satanburger 50cc
a slight change of plans
send in the clones
juicy mama to the rescue
lyrics music story stars