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Lickety Splitz

Lickety Splitz is Hogsnard's best friend from childhood.
Lickety was bred by the Geezer's scientists to be the ultimate Judas,
but his inner nature is good, and he struggles to do the right thing.
In connivance with the Geezer he helps to steer Snard down the path
of rockandroll excess, and into the clutches of the drug satanburger.
But in the end Lickety uses his special access to the Geezer's secret plans
to help Snard and Juicy Mama's revolution.

On stage Lickety Splitz is played by Eli
who plays the bass guitar.

what is a slaphog anyways?
in the beginning . . the evil geezer
science as the slave
a snard is born
automatic insertion into life
the juiciest of mamas
satanburger 50cc
a slight change of plans
send in the clones
juicy mama to the rescue
lyrics music story stars