Killing two birds with one stone, killed them all now I'm all alone Rats gnaw my head, my head gnaws the bone of the leg of the god on my ancestral throne I ride my hog like a fatback wife, with vicious hate I cling to life Even now you don't know how you serve me well you've given me the reins now I'll ride you to hell go twist it sister but keep it clean Cysted Twister Mysery Eating Horseflesh, fascists rule, officer friendly can't help but drool helpless prisoners aren't we all waiting on the Siren's Call twist the ratchet one notch higher, just riding a wave on a high tension wire my brain rules all my eyes survey, my soul gone with my flesh decayed my last connect with mortals gone it won't be long I will destroy this song Love is a place where I can't abide, it is a lonely place where so long I cried a wound so deep in history lost, I bled bone dry in the blizzard's frost My heart was heavy so I cut it out, my brain is howling: Destroy all Doubt with the Universe in ruins I'll know how it feels to be alone with my Slaphog for one final squeal one final meal

The evil Geezer summons the SLAPHOG and escapes into the 5th dimention. Snard follows and the guitar battle begins.
this concludes the public portion of our broadcast. please remember everything here is copyrighted many times over in many ways by Blake Kincaid.
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