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the mad turk with the huka at the back of the shop behind the screen i shouldn't have gone i should've stopped 'have you heard of Ouspensky' he said in a cloud clear and loud 'Ouspenky's a fool and Gourdjeff his tool' he wiped off some drool wandering in the desert in search of a prophet i came apon a precipice and lept off it before i could hit the ground my body became a sound so soft you can't hear it listen! the prophet did speak for a day or a week i couldn't understand it he was speaking in toungues with two sets of lungs like i speak to you now like i speak to you now it shook me to the core of my being man that was some strange scene i'll never forget it if i can ever remember it

Here's what's on the SlapHog / Galaxy Patrol CD:

1.25th Century5:18
2.Galaxy Patrol4:46
3.Space Monkeys3:12
4.Laboratory Love3:44
6.Love Love3:30
8.Enemies Foreign & Domestic4:35
9.Human Dis-Integration9:01

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