little bitty bugs jus chewin on my mind
          a-gnawin an a-chompin theys a-chewin all the time
          you'd think I'd have problems, you'd think that I'd be cryin
          but everybody's got the bugs, so I guess I'm doin fine
          tiny insect teeth drilling through my brain
          drilling tiny holes that work just like a drain
          draining out those thoughts that I'll never think again
          like thinking that this pain is driving me insane
          plug me in and leave me be, no brain to place the blame
          starving larval squirms echo through my head
          others rule my waking life, my dreams are of the dead
          but I just can't take the easy way, I got my lie to live instead
          I'm only human flesh and blood on which the Beast is fed
          and when my heart will beat no more, when I'm finally bled
          I'll crawl into that silent sleep where all earthly hope has fled
          the Warlord dips his cup in the pool that was my brain
          the insect hordes have served him well, in a Temple they are slain
          sacrifices sent to hell, screams drown out by the Temple bell
            servicing his debt of all consuming pain
              when the Warlord has no more to send
                   he'll perish in the flame
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