daddy's adopted sister had married the son of a cuban mafia don
who had been buddies with walt disney senior
walt disney junior kept up the relationship with my uncle alphonso
who had a son
a son he had let almost drown at a party
and who was demented due to the resulting oxygen deprivation
i was supposed to play with my little cousin and keep him company
because uncle alphonso felt very guilty, in a twisted kinda way,
however his idea of fun was to bite anyone and everyone at all times
my daddy made 15 masted sailships out of melted glass
he had talent, but worked in a swetshop making trinkets for tourists
we lived in a suburb in the jungle with ratkids in the frontyard
and crocodiles in the back

and we enjoyed zooming around the underground tunnels that lurk beneath Disney World
you know, so they can spy on their employees
but we got VIP treatment when with the 'Fonz

that's all for now.
next I'll tell you about a 6 year old who watched all of
the Watergate proceedings

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