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What is a 'SlapHog' anyways?

The story of the SlapHog is a strange one indeed, for the creature itself was merely a poetic construction snard invented for a song. A simple and handy reference to those people of a fascistic bent who are willing to enslave themselves to others in exchange for the same power over their own underlings. As the one thing binding these people together is their abandonment of personal identity, snard gave them a collective name of 'the SlapHog'.

But then things took a turn for the bizzare. Near the end of our saga, when the geezer is finally put to flight, as part of his escape into the mythical 5th dimension, he summons up his faithful fascistic followers, already having surrendered their individuality in thought, and congeals them into the mythic creature SlapHog.

What a perfect match! The geezer with his 40 foot tall cybernetic body, brain-in-vat sloshing around inside, riding atop the spotted, wart covered, mindless behemouth SlapHog.

But the never-ending chase through the 5th dimension is what lies at the end of our story,
so now we should return to the beginning.

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lyrics music story stars