Gee Up!

A horse with no name.

A horse with no name.

The wind rushing past, my flowing locks streaming behind, the sun streaming down as I urge my steed onward into the unknown.

“Forward!”, I cry, “Ride like the wind my friend!”

We ride through the chaparral across the baked lands of the desert. Herds of unicorns and flocks of flying pigs greet us as we pass, on our way to save those in great need. Time is of the essence.

At last we arrive, my horse glistening with sweat. I am coated in the dust of the road, weary from riding for so many miles.

“My name is Finnegan”, I say, “Finnegan Wilde.”

“We welcome you Finnegan,” says a small man with his hat in hand, probably the headman of the village, “We have waited long for your coming. Only you can save us! Come, you must rest and eat, for you have much to do in the morning.”

I gratefully accepted his offer. There was plenty of time to discover the nature of the danger that awaited. Tomorrow can take care of itself, tonight we live like kings!

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